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  • Title: Constitutional Law
  • Author: Carlo L. Cruz and Isagani Cruz
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-971-011-938-7
  • No. Of Pages: 946
  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 2015 Edition
  • Binding: Hardbound
  • Description:

    FASCINATION with liberty is the mark of the individual who holds human dignity as the quintessence of life in any ordered society. Without dignity, man is a beast no better than the other habitues of the jungle, free only in a physical sense because his freedom does not entail concomitant responsibilities. There is much to be said of such a life, to be sure. But like it or not, it is not for the ordinary person, who has to live with his fellowmen and in so doing must yield some of his innate freedom for the common welfare. That is the liberty protected by the Constitution and that is the liberty that, properly regulated, guarantees him his human dignity. The Bill of Rights acknowledges that he should surrender part of his liberty, but only so much of it and no more. The limits are fixed, to prevent an encroachment of authority that will strip him of his dignity and divest him of those human rights that make life fulfilling and meaningful. Beyond these limits, the exercise of authority becomes a repression that will debase the free society into a police state where power is exalted above freedom.