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  • Print Edition
  • Title: Bar Q and A 2009-2019 Remedial Law (2020)
  • Author: Prof. Manuel R. Riguera
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-621-02-1188-7
  • No. Of Pages: 275
  • Size: 6 x 9
  • Edition: 2020
  • Binding: Softbound
  • Description:

    I am delighted with the warm reception accorded to the first edition and this has inspired me to come up with this 2020 edition. Because of the enactment of the 2020 Rules of Civil Procedure and the 2020 Rules on Evidence, I have decided to add footnotes to the 2009 to 2018 remedial law bar examination Q&As as well as to the 2019 bar exam. The bar exam questions are answered on
    the basis of the laws and jurisprudence extant at that time they were asked, but with footnotes on how these would have been affected by the 2020 Rules.