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  • Print Edition
  • Title: Touchstone Hills
  • Author: Carol Delos Santos
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-971-691-875-5
  • No. Of Pages: 93
  • Size: 6 x 9
  • Edition: 2008 Edition
  • Binding: Softbound
  • Description:

    “By the way, do you have any idea what a touchstone really is? It’s pretty interesting, you know. A touchstone is a siliceous rock that is used to test the purity of gold. It’s an ordinary-looking rock with a noble purpose -- to ensure purity -- just as our Touchstone Hills has become testing ground for the pureness of our hearts, if you see what I mean,” she said.

    “That is interesting,” I muttered.

    “And that’s not all,” she went on with much enthusiasm. “The word touchstone was also used in Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’. It referred to a tradition among early Christians --- an attitude of willingness to look foolish in order to achieve things that are good and worthwhile.”

    “How very appropriate,” I said. “Because we did look foolish to a lot of people. But I don’t see how it could’ve achieved anything good..... In the corporate world, this would have been like a full-blown image crisis, a public relations catastrophe.”