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  • Print Edition
  • Title: A Bar Oriented Approach to the Law On Obligations and Contracts
  • Author: Mauricio C. Ulep
  • Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc.
  • ISBN: 978-621-020-060-7
  • No. Of Pages: 418
  • Size: 6" x 9"
  • Edition: 2016
  • Binding: Softbound
  • Description:

    A survey of law books on the Law on Obligations on Contracts shows that most of them are not updated by their respective authors. In the meantime, jurisprudence keeps on piling year after year and displays much wisp and pearls of wisdom which must be assimilate by aspiring lawyers.

    This book is primarily intended for Fourth Year law students and Bar Reviewees. On the assumption that they have read a lot of comments on the subject, this book aims at a different approach: to bridge the stock knowledge of students on the Law of Obligations and Contracts and the latest and significant decisions of the Supreme Court as well as actual Bar Questions and Answers given for the past thirty years.

    While the approach of this book may not be fluid as the traditional law books with annotations, the author intentionally made it in outline form to enable the student to9 have a quick mental guide on the subject.