TextBooks On Demand

Our Textbooks On Demand service was tailored specifically for schools. We were approached by a number of schools with the problem that their Textbooks were always late for the school opening and that they always had left-over stock from the previous year so they were unable to revise and update the books when needed.

Because we use digital printing technology for books, you can print only the exact quantity needed whether its 50 copies or 5000 copies. Unlike traditional offset printing, it only takes us 7 days to print and deliver your book from a print ready manuscript and the minimum print runs are very low while still being affordable.

TextBooks On Demand service has been the solution for these schools. Now, they have their books on time and in just the right quantity, even when they need just a few more copies we reprint it for them in only 4 working days. No need to stock inventory. The work process has also been a refreshing change, they give us the ready to print files in both MS Word and PDF and in a few short days they have actual proof samples of the book, not just a copy print-out but the actual book which is the proof sample, they were able to easily revise, the book deliveries were at their school within 7 working days-- well in time for the school opening.

Our Service allows you to concentrate on creating the content and not the printing. If you have in-house textbooks and you run into the usual problems associated with offset printing, come and see us, our rates are very competitive and you get the best quality that only a state-of-the art digital book press can bring. In fact, our digital book printing facility is one of the biggest and most advanced in the country today.

TextBooks On Demand
TextBooks On Demand
TextBook Package Fee:

(Fee applies to initial order only, not reprints.)
P1,500 for orders of 250 copies up.
P5,500 for orders of less than 250 copies.


  • 2 Proof Copies for author pior to printing.
    (Additional proofs will be charged separately.)
  • Up to 2 hours of operator time to making basic corrections.
  • Assistance in the layout of the full-color cover.
  • Store and backup your finished digital book for easy archival and reprinting.
  • 10 full color posters for marketing and promotion.

Print Rates:

Specs: Soft-Bound Cover, Full Color Cover,
Black and White Inside Pages
Paper: Imported White Book Paper 80 gsm
Size: 11"x 8.5"

Print Rates
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