Central Publish on Demand: Simple, Fast and Affordable.

  • You retain the copyright of your book.
  • Using our guidelines you set the desired retail price.
  • You have full control over your own publication.
Submit your manuscript with a complete print out with a detailed page by page description of all formatting you want done, we need to see the print out so every thing is as expected. We need a completely edited file in PDF Format with fonts embedded. If your book is not yet encoded or laid out, we also offer these services at discounted rates.
All Graphics, illustrations and pictures should be scanned and submitted on file as well. If you need items scanned, up to 10 images scanned is included in the package.
We devote up to 2 hours of operator time to making some basic corrections to your reviewed proof copies. If your changes are more extensive we will contact you with a quote before proceeding. Two proof copies are included, extra proof copies will be charged separately.
steps 1, 2 and 3
digital machine
steps 1, 2 and 3
Please note there is a P1,500 handling/setup fee for initial orders below 50 copies. Reprint orders of books shall be minimum of 50 copies.
Inside book paper stock is either 70 or 80 gsm imported White Book Paper. Full-color covers are printed on imported acid-free coated stock with weight depending on the thickness of book.
Printing resolution is at 600-dpi black and white laser quality. Photo quality resolution and color page inserts can be provided at an additional cost.