Central Publish on Demand.
With Over 500 Titles and Counting...

Notice: All packaged prices and printing rates have been changed last April 2, 2012.

With Over 500 Titles and Counting...
  • Discounted print costs using our Print on Demand System.
  • Assign an International Serial Book Number.
  • Include author's copyright in the book.
  • Create barcodes for the book.
  • Deposit 3 copies for the Philippine Copyright registration.
  • 2 Proof copies for author prior to printing. Additional proof copies will be charged accordingly.
  • Assistance in the layout of cover using illustrations or photos from the author.
  • Store and backup of your finished digital book for easy archival and reprinting on our system.
  • 10 Full-color posters for marketing and promotion.
  • Facebook boosted ad for digital marketing.
  • Book review to promote readership.
  • Running banner on the website landing page.
  • Ideal for Class Workbooks / Casebooks.
  • Discounted print cost using our POD System
  • 10 Complimentary posters
  • Cover designs and content should be print-ready
  • 2 proof copies for author prior to printing
  • With proof copies. (2 proof copies for author prior to printing)
  • Discounted print rates. (Discounted print costs using our POD system)

  • If your book is not yet encoded, Encoding services (charged on a per page basis).
  • Layout, Scan artwork, and typeset pages to your specification.
  • Layout Package prices are based on up to ten images or other. considerations. Complex layouts may require additional costs.
  • Author's Alterations (AAs) which are revisions after the initial layout will be performed at additional charge per hour. We will consult you first.
  • 50 - 200 cps = P1,500
  • 250 - 400 cps = P2,000
  • 500 - 1000 cps = P2,500
If your manuscript is print ready it can take as few as 10 days to have your book in the market!
Central Publish on Demand is the new way of publishing books in the 21st Century. Books are printed and made available for sale in just a few hours.