Japar B. Dimaampao

Japar B. Dimaampao

Justice Japar B. Dimaampao, an alumnus of the University of the East, holds two distinctions: he is the Appellate Court’s youngest magistrate, and he is the country’s second Muslim to sit on the highest court.

His whole career as a lawyer, public servant, and educator has garnered him several accolades and recognitions, and he is generally acknowledged as a Taxation Law specialist.

His books are used as references abroad, including at Harvard Law School, and another work, Methods on Trial and Justice: Inquisitorial and Adversarial Systems in Islamic, Civil, and Common Law, was published by the Islamic Science University of Malaysia.

His most recent publications include Statutory and Judicial Quick Guide To Local Government, Real Property, and Taxation, Bar Q&A 2009-2019, and Bar Essentials in Commercial Law.

Books By Japar B. Dimaampao