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Commercial Law of the Philippines Vol. 2 (Codal)



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1. Code of Commerce
2. Republic Act No. 10607 “The Insurance Code” An Act Strengthening the Insurance Industry, further Amending Presidential Decree No. 612, otherwise known as ‘The Insurance Code’, as amended by Presidential Decree Nos. 1141, 1280, 1455, 1460, 1814, and 1981, and Batas Pambansa Blg. 874, and for Other Purposes
3. Republic Act No. 11232 “Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines” An Act Providing for the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines
4. Republic Act No. 8293 “Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines” An Act Prescribing the Intellectual Property Code and Establishing the Intellectual Property Office, Providing for its Powers and Functions, and for Other Purposes
5. Republic Act No. 8792 “Electronic Commerce Act of 2000” An Act Providing for the Recognition and Use of Electronic Commercial and Non-Commercial Transactions and Documents, Penalties for Unlawful Use there-of, and for Other Purposes
6. Republic Act No. 10173 “Data Privacy Act” An Act Protecting Individual Personal Information and Communication Systems in the Government and the Private Sector, Creating for this Purpose a National Privacy Mission, and for Other Purposes”
7. Act No. 3952 “The Bulk Sales Law” An Act to Regulate the Sale, Transfer, Mortgage or Assignment of Goods, Wares, Merchandise, Provisions or Materials, in Bulk and Prescribing Penalties for the Violation of the Provisions thereof.
8. Act No. 2137 “The Warehouse Receipts Law”
9. Act No. 3893 “General Bonded Warehouse Act” as amended
10. Presidential Decree No. 115 “The Trust Receipts Law”
11. Commonwealth Act No. 146 “The Public Service Act”
12. Public Act No. 521 “Carriage of Goods by Sea Act”
13. Warsaw Convention “Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Regulating to International Carriage by Air, Signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929” or whenever applicable
14. Act No. 1508 “The Chattel Mortgage Law” An Act Providing for the Mortgaging of Personal Property and for the Registration of the Mortgages so Executed
15. A.M. No. 99-10-05-0 “Extra-Judicial Foreclosure of Mortgage” (As Further Amended, August 7, 2001) Procedure in Extra-Judicial Foreclosure of Mortgage
16. Republic Act No. 7353 “Rural Act of 1992 (Amended by R.A. 10574)” An Act Providing for the Creation, Organization and Operation of Rural Banks, and for Other Purposes”
17. Republic Act No. 8367 “Revised Non-Stock Savings and Loan Association Act of 1997” An Act Providing for the Regulation of the Organization and Operation of Non-Stock Savings and Loan Associations”
18 Republic Act No. 9267 “The Securitization Act of 2004” An Act Providing the Regulatory Framework for Securitization and Granting for the Purpose Exemptions from the Operation of Certain Laws
19. Republic Act No. 7042 “Foreign Investments Act of 1991 (As Amended by R.A. 8179 and R.A. 11647 (SEE PAGE 1342))” An Act to Promote Foreign Investments, Prescribe the Procedures for Registering Enterprises doing Business in the Philippines, and for Other Purposes
20. A.M. No. 01-2-04-SC “Interim Rules of Procedure for Intra-Corporate Controversies”
21. A.M. No. 00-8-10-SC “Interim Rules of Procedure on Corporate Rehabilitation”
22. Republic Act No. 6426 “Foreign Currency Deposit Act of the Philippines” An Act Instituting a Foreign Currency Deposit System in the Philippines, and for Other Purposes
23. Act No. 1956 “The Insolvency Law” An Act Providing for the Suspension of Payments, the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, the Protection of Creditors, and the Punishment of Fraudulent Debtors
24. Republic Act No. 3765 “Truth in Lending Act” An Act to Require the Disclosure of Finance Charges in Connection with Extensions of Credit
25. Republic Act No. 8484 “Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998” An Act Regulating the Issuance and Use of Access Devices, Prohibiting Fraudulent Acts Committed Relative thereto, Providing Penalties and for Other Purposes
26. Republic Act No. 7394 “The Consumer Act of the Philippines”
27. Republic Act No. 9510 “Credit Information System Act” An Act Establishing the Credit Information System and for Other Purposes
28. Republic Act No. 10667 “Philippine Competition Act” An Act Providing for a National Competition Policy Prohibiting Anti-Competitive Agreements, Abuse of Dominant Position and Anti-Competitive Mergers and Acquisitions, Establishing the Philippine Competition Commission and Appropriating Funds therefor
29. Republic Act No. 10642 “Philippine Lemon Law” An Act Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Purchase of Brand New Motor Vehicles
30. Republic Act No 8762 “Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000” An Act Liberalizing the Retail Trade Business, Repealing for the Purpose Realing for the Purpose Republic Act No. 1180, as amended, and for Other Purposes
31. Presidential Decree No. 902-A “Reorganization of the Securities and Exchange Commission with Additional Power and Placing the said Agency under the Administrative Supervision of the Office of the President”
32. Republic Act No. 10142 “Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act of 2010” An Act Providing for the Rehabilitation or Liquidation of Financially Distressed Enterprises and Individuals
33. Republic Act No. 11647 An Act Promoting Foreign Investment, Amending Thereby Republic Act No. 7042, Otherwise Known as the “The Foreign Investment Act of 1991,” As Amended, and for Other Purposes

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