Dean David Robert C. Aquino, CSEE, Ph.D.

Dean David Robert C. Aquino, CSEE, Ph.D.

Dean Dave Aquino was born an only child to Atty. Gregorio Duque-Aquino Jr. of the Duque Clan of Pangasinan and Lida Viloria-Cacanando Aquino of La Union.

He currently teaches law subjects to several educational institutions and currently serves as legal and political consultant to several institutions and personalities, both here and abroad. Aside from teaching law subjects, he is also currently the Dean of Don Honorio Ventura State University (DHVSU) School of Law in Pampanga.

In late 2008, he was appointed by the Supreme Court as a Member of its Sub-Committee on the Revision of the Rules on Criminal Procedure.

He has authored around 140 books and counting, some of which are the best-selling Verba Juris, the Syllabi Notes Series, The Revised Corporation Code Annotated, Kung Fu Cross Examination Techniques, to mention a few.

Prior to returning to the private sector, the author had served in various Director-level positions in several agencies of the Philippine government such as, among others, the Philippine Senate, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, the National Police Commission, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Aside from writing, the author also served as musical director for several schools and church chorales.

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