• The Pink Freakshow

    In this fictional novel about a woman’s soulful love encounters, she has shaped her concept of pain, sexuality, and existence.

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  • That ‘90s Mixtape

    For Evie, to graduate with the highest distinction in honour of her late father requires her absolute focus. There is no time for dreamy boys, with her mixtape collection being her only indulgence.

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  • Pag-ibig Sa Mata Ng Unos

    Ang Pag-ibig sa Mata ng Unos ay isang malikhaing nobela na nakabatay sa kasaysayan at malikhaing paggamit ng imahinasyon para maging makatotohanan na nakaugat sa buhay.

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  • Kabirthday ko si KC

    Kabirthday ko si KC

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  • White Mocha Americano

    WHITE MOCHA AMERICANO is a love story that gradually blossoms from random chances, wanderlust, traditions, harmony, and a series of serendipities between a coffee lover, who loves the idea of being in love and an enigmatic regular patron of Kapa-Kapa Cafe. Kapa-Kapa Cafe houses several love stories and one of which is detailed in first BL novel written by Anthony Shieh.

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  • Right the Wrong

    Coming-of-age. Brow-beaten. Exhilarating. Chivalrous. Enigmatic

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  • Nova Luna

    Follow the story of an astrophysicist who accidentally discovers the world of art, and using it as a new hobby to cope with his stress from being a scientist by profession.

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  • E=MC2

    Ang kwentong ito ay isinulat para sa mga taong gustong makakuha ng mataas na grades sa school at sa buhay, para sa mga nagmahal at umasa, nagmahal at patuloy na umaasa, nagmahal ngunit hindi nasuklian, nagmahal pero hindi naipaalam, at nagmahal pero nasaktan.

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  • Death of a Loved One in the Time of Pandemic

    Never in the Author’s wildest thoughts that he will lose his Mother during a pandemic where most things were untamed, erratic and treacherous to the point – the psychological and emotional repercussions that it has given to him, and to his family. DEATH OF A LOVED ONE IN TIME OF PANDEMIC is a novel by ANTHONY SHIEH who shares his journey through grief, pain, isolation, fear and optimism in this crazy times and how this pandemic robbed all of us (people who lost a loved one during this world-wide phenomenon) the capacity to give the proper burial for their loved ones and how writing has been his outlet to heal.

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  • Broken Bard

    “When social issues hit you personally, that’s when things change.”

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  • Behind the Mask (Sa Likod ng Maskara)

    Following a frantic phone call, journalist Maya Wara-Smith is forced to put her quiet, comfortable life in the Scottish Highlands on hold. Her cousin’s young daughter, Nina, has been kidnapped in the Philippines, Maya’s home country, and is feared dead. Sick with worry, Maya boards the next flight to Manila, leaving her husband Keith, a retired secret agent, to look after things at home.

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