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Broken Bard



“When social issues hit you personally, that’s when things change.”

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“When social issues hit you personally, that’s when things change.”

In this first installment of the Requiem Series, follow the trail of a justice-seeking young man, as he finds himself caught in the middle of a secret war, attempting to end it as a pacifist.


The unsolved and gruesome death of a patient in a psychiatric facility sent Sky, a psychology student, embark on a quest to find answers and seek justice. He discovered that Richter Raven, dubbed as the Untainted Governor, could be the mastermind of the murder. Divulging secrets after secrets about the case, Sky lost his family and his memories as a consequence. After spending two years in recovery, he soon found himself caught in the middle of a secret war of two privy factions—The Society of the Broken Bard and the Arcanum Order. Certain ‘candidates’ of each faction possessed abilities to subdue one another. Members of the Society can project images and cast illusions to the minds of other people. Meanwhile, the Arcanum has talented individuals who can bend people’s will and put them under their control. Engaged in the bloody war of these factions, Sky joined the Society and chose to fight the extremist Arcanum as a pacifist. But as the Arcanum plans to raise an army of mind-controlled soldiers and find the ultimate weapon for world domination, Sky begins to question his beliefs and methods of non-violence. Sky now has to make grave choices as he raced with the Arcanum. But little did the Society know, Sky entered the war solely to protect a person of the past—his beloved Clare.

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