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Gun Law and Armed Defense


Gun Law and Armed Defense


“It cannot be gainsaid that pieces of legal literature on guns and ammo in the Republic are few and far between. This gaping dearth of resources has been partly addressed thru this little hornbook by the sedulous pens of Atty. Amado F. Maralit, a belly gun aficionado, and Dr. Arthur Lawrence L. Acierto, a Glock enthusiast, both key members of the Senatus Shot Club. I cannot agree more that a licensed citizen must be afforded knowledge of the law governing guns and ammunition. And this primer is the very vehicle by which such indispensable knowledge is to be delivered to them. First the firearm licensee, in Part One of the Hornbook, is afforded a rich collection of decisional case law insights on principles and sub-­rules that amplify the letter of the provisions on justifying circumstances found in Article 11(1)(2)(3) of Act No. 3815, otherwise known as the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines. In Part Two, he is immediately thrust before the provisions of Republic Act No. 10591 by way of painstakingly designed questions and answers. The suggested answers point to the very provisions onto which the same suggested answers are anchored. The subsequent parts present the letter of: Republic Act No. 10591; its 2018 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations; and the text of its 2013 Implementing Rules and Regulations for quick and easy reference. It is fervently hoped that equipped with acute awareness of the tenor of the said laws and the guidelines found herein, a licensed citizen would be able and would be empowered to determine when and in what particular situations he may validly use armed defense to repel any unlawful aggression.” — Vicente Sotto III

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