• Legal Negotiation (How to Win Without Fighting)

    Mahatma Gandhi of India and Nelson Mandela of South Africa were innovative-thinking lawyers who left their indelible imprint in the history of mankind by conquering their formidable adversaries without waging a violent upheaval. Both are icons of the legal profession. Gandhi was the leader of the nationalist movement against British rule that drove the colonizers away from India through his doctrine of nonviolent resistance and non-cooperation.

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  • Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

    Diplomacy is the proverbial adhesive that keeps the world intact. Without it, states would not be able to co-exist and briefly work in harmony.

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  • Political Law

    Political Law (2016) by Rene B. Gorospe

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  • The Law on Public Officers

    While the general notion of Public Office is that of public trust, a much nuanced understanding of legal concepts is necessary to further understand the over-all functions of Public Office and the roles and actions of the Public Officer, from appointment or election, the commencement of official relations, the duties and responsibilities appurtenant to the office, and up to the cessation of official relations.

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  • The Local Government Code Reviewer

    The Local Government Code Reviewer by Atty. Erwin M. Enad is a timely and significant contribution to the understanding of local government law and its related principles.

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  • Statutory and Judicial Quick Guide to Local Government and Real Property Taxation

    This 2021 edition of the Statutory and Judicial Quick Guide to Local Government and Real Property Taxation of Justice Japar B. Dimaampao comes out during what could be the worst of time and the best of time for our Local Government Units (LGUs). It is the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, whose end is not yet in sight.

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  • Komprehensibong Gabay Sa Pamamahala ng Barangay

    This comprehensive book is a pioneering work which will benefit all barangay officials, whether you are aspiring to be one, new to the job, or seasoned as an elected official. A must read for all!

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  • Political Law Reviewer

    The author likewise has been motivated by a desire to dwell on the recent amendments and doctrines that are not easily accessible to those who fail to avail of the Supreme Court Reports of appealed cases and resolutions by courts of lower level that have either been reserved or modified by the high court.

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  • International Human Rights Law and Human Rights Law in the Philippines

    In this book’s Part One on International Human Rights Law, it is fascinating to note how Rey starts with some historical and even philosophical discussion, and then ends with Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender (LGBT) Rights In Part Two on Human Rights Law in the Philippines, he starts with its constitutional history before going to the Constitution’s Bill of Rights of the libertarian tradition of civil and political rights, followed by its Social Justice Article reflecting the new or second generation economic, social and cultural rights. One gets a sense of convergence, correspondence or counterparting between the earlier discussed (in Part One) “International Bill of Rights” and the current 1987 Philippine Constitution.

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  • Political Law Reviewer

    The 2022 edition includes jurisprudence from the year 2020 – 2021. This book covers recent political law discussion on a wide range of topics from international law to the delegated powers of the local government. This latest edition also contains interesting discussion on search warrants, presidential immunity from suit and the exercise of the power of eminent domain.

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  • The Law on Government Procurement Contracts

    Commentaries on the Provisions in the Approval, Execution, Implementation, Warranties and Termination; and the Uniform Guidelines for Blacklisting of Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Contractors and Consultants

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  • Reviewer on Local Governance

    The book provides quick and easy access to up-to-date and settled legal opinions of Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and jurisprudential pronouncements of the Supreme Court on recurring legal issues affecting local governance.

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  • The Local Government Code Revisited

    Let this Code guide the Filipino in his daily crusade for the good, for honor, and for a life enriched with remembrance and hope for the future.

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